About Us

Vaayu is a Hybrid Cooling System which provides an advance cooling solution and consumes 10% of the electricity as compared to any similar Cooling Device. Vaayu is the world’s first patented advanced hybrid cooling machine which comes with a unique technology of blending the traditional coolers with compressor. Although using Refrigeration cycle, machine does not emit heat and thus is a GREEN Product.

Vaayu is not merely a Cooler it's a machine that works even in humid months when other coolers become useless!Vaayu believes in building strong customer relationships by maintaining high standards of Quality in Manufacturing and Timely Supply of Products and Services through continual improvement. Durability is what makes a great Product and hence at VAAYU our engineers ensure that every component of our product has a long life. We know that our product has to face the extremities of nature and should never compromise on its performance. Eco-Friendly We believe in Nature's GREEN Chemistry and hence Vaayu Air Cooling Technology uses natural Air for cooling comfort and avoids using any dangerous Chemicals or Gases harmful for the environment. The plastic used in Vaayu Products is also recyclable. Service Customer's service at VAAYU is priority for all our departments starting from production to sales.We wish to delight our customers as VAAYU Service team will assist you at every step from installation to repair to dismantle it for storing when not required. Design We understand the importance of a good design and that it helps in meeting the commitment of delivering high efficiency Product. Following KAIZEN, continuous improvement in both external and internal designs of our product is what we believe in. Convenience Convenience and comfort is need of hour and hence our products will provide our customers all what may be wished for. We provide feature packed products that will ease your use of air cooling systems and help in measuring the effectiveness and customize use of VAAYU as per your need.

Key Members


Dr. Priyanka MokshmarChairman and managing Director

Doctorate and MBA in Marketing, she has rich experience of more than 12 years with various B-Schools.She is a recognised PhD guide of University and has Research Scholars working under her. She has many research papers published in various National and International Journals of repute. She started her entrepreneurial career in 2014 and since then she has been taking care of HR, Production, Logistics and Financial Aspects of the company.


Mr. Pranav MokshmarDirector

Having more than 14 years of experience working with various Multi Nationals like Carrier, Samsung, LG as Product Manager, Air Conditioners. He started his own venture of Commercial Air Conditioning Sales and Service in 2008 and commissioned many prestigious projects in Madhya Pradesh like Punasa Dam, Shri Aurobindo Institute, CIPLA etc. He invented the Vaayu Hybrid Cooling Technology and has other Patents under registration.

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