Vaayu is an innovative product that fills the gap between an Air conditioner and conventional cooler. Vaayu provides cooling comfort comparable to an AC but at running cost of 10% of what an AC consumes.

As soon as the power is switched on of window chiller, the Vaayu starts and the refrigerant flows in the cooling coil to chill the water. Chill water gets circulated on the Pads of the window chiller by Pumps. Outside hot air comes in contact with chilled water, the molecules present in the hot air loose temperature and become chilled. Thermostat maintains the water temperature and prevents the compressor from overheating. Condensor cools down the refrigerant and helps in dehumidification of excess RH to control the humidity level. Chilled air is pushed inside the area where the unit is installed through a fan of the window chiller.

Best solution for the environment protection as it will reduce the electricity bills to 90% as compared to Air conditioner. The annual energy savings makes vaayu a cost effective alternative to Air Conditioner.

The water consumption in Vaayu is very less as compare to cooler due to unique design and technology. Vaayu consume less water in comparison of a cooler, when it operates in a day time. Vaayu have different pump mode available for humidity control. Due to these function it also save the water.

Vaayu unit have large cooling pad area and high suction pressure which helps avoid the water droplets entering into the discharge air. Vaayu does not compromise in cooling efficiency as compared to the normal coolers which stops cooling after a level of increase in the amnbient temperature. It can cool down fresh air which the ambient temperature of around 35 to 45 degree centigrade or even above and maintain22 to 26 degree centigrade, which is a comfortable condition.

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